How to Use Samsung Edge Panels on a Galaxy Phone


As Samsung’s Galaxy devices are filled with features, it’s no secret that the company doesn’t hold back. Each device comes with features that are hard to discover on its own. There is a product called “Edge Panels” that many people are unaware of.

How to Use Samsung Edge Panels on a Galaxy Phone

What Are Edge Panels on a Samsung Phone?

Normally, you need to switch from one app to another to perform a task on your phone. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could launch your favourite apps from any location? Those are the aims of Samsung Galaxy Edge Panels.

“Edge Panels” are essentially mini drawers that slide out of the sides of the screen. It’s most commonly used for shortcuts, but it’s capable of so much more. You’ll find panels for contacts, weather, reminders, tools, and even a clipboard on the left side.

You can even download edge panels from the Galaxy Store if you want to get creative. In addition to sticky notes, a calculator, a voice recorder, and many other useful features have been added to Edge Panels.

Edge Panels allow you to quickly switch between your favourite apps and accomplish other small tasks without leaving the app you’re working with. Try it out if you haven’t already.

How to Use Edge Panels

Go to the Settings by swiping down from the top of the screen and tapping the gear icon.

Select “Display” from the settings menu.

Slide down to “Edge Panels.”

Toggle the switch to the on position on your screen and then tap “Panels.”

Samsung has provided you with a scrollable list of Edge Panels you can choose from. If you don’t want them to reappear, you can select them and tap “Edit” under them. As an example, we’ll use the “Apps” panel.

Three apps are displayed on the Apps panel at the top. By selecting them from the left side, you can add your own. You can display up to 22 apps in the panel.

You can turn off this feature by tapping the three-dot menu icon in the top right.

Tap the back arrow in the top left corner when you’re done.

You can configure each Edge Panel similarly. You can also add apps from the Galaxy Store.

Edge Panels are available for free and for purchase. You can now install them by tapping the download icon, then enable them the same way we did above.

Now we need to customize how the handle works. When you slide out the handle, the Edge Panels appear. Select “Handle” to begin.

On this screen, you have a lot of options. It can be positioned on all four sides of the screen; you can lock the handle into position, adjust the position with the floating arrows, change the transparency, and be sized and coloured.

You can move the handle at any time by tapping and holding it without locking its position.

You can open the Edge Panel by swiping the handle toward the centre of the screen.

You can swipe horizontally across the panels when the Edge Panel is open to rotating between them.

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You can close the Edge Panel by tapping outside of it. You’re done! Your favourite stuff is always within reach with this nifty feature. Although Samsung phones have various features, I don’t see many Galaxy owners using this.


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