How to scan text on iPhone with this awesome new iOS 15.4


point where you can convert any document into a digital version that is always available. One example is the iPhone, which has a built-in Notes app that allows you to scan documents. A brand-new feature has been added to iOS 15.4 that allows you to scan documents. You can now turn printed or handwritten text into text in the Notes app by using the new Scan Text feature.

scan text on iPhone iOS 15.4

To understand how to scan text on iPhone and iPad, we’ll first review how scanning documents works. Alternatively, we’ll show you how easy it is to use the Notes app.
Let’s recap how scanning documents works on iPhone and iPad before we look at how easy it is. Using the Notes app is also easy

How to scan documents on iPhone

Apple has built a dedicated document scanner into the Notes app. In viral videos on social media, the iOS trick is often demonstrated. If you own a Mac, you can use this trick as well.

It is necessary to open the Notes application on your iPhone and create a new note to scan a document. Tap the camera icon to bring up a menu that lets you choose from a list the option to scan the document once you are inside the note. On iPhone and iPad, you will find the Scan Text menu in the same place as it appears on iPhone

You can edit the scan and retake it if it’s not good enough. Tap Keep Scan and Save to save the copy you’re most satisfied with. That’s all you have to do to scan the document and save it inside the Notes app.

It is better to organize documents in Notes on the iPhone than in Photos. In the beginning, you won’t need to hunt for the scans in your photo library. Additionally, the Notes app syncs with your iCloud account so you can access the scanned documents on other devices, including iPads and Macs.
By the way, scanning documents on an iPad works similarly to scanning on a desktop computer. All you need is the Notes app to do it.

The New Text Scan Feature

The problem is that we often “scan documents” because we need specific information from them. When that information is required as a digital record, we often “scan documents.” This is where the new Scan Text feature that Apple added via iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4 will prove to be helpful.

If you need to extract text from a printed or handwritten note, you can use the Scan Text feature in Notes. Once you have extracted the text, you can edit it and move it to another text processing app.

On an iPhone, the process of scanning text is similar to that of scanning a document. Tap on the camera icon in the Notes app, then select Scan Text from the menu. This option should appear below the Scan Document option already available in iOS 15. To keep the text in the note, you will have to tap Insert once it appears in the note.

Occasionally, you might want to do both at the same time. If you want to have a digital copy of the document on your iPhone, you should scan the document. As well as scanning the text in the document, you will want to be able to use it on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac immediately after scanning.

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The Scan Text feature is also available in iPadOS 15.4, so you’ll be able to use it immediately if you are running that. Because the notes are synchronized with iCloud, they will be available immediately on Mac.


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