How To Retake A BeReal Post

How To Retake A BeReal Post
How To Retake A BeReal Post

Are you wondering how to retake a BeReal post? You are in good hands with us!

The BeReal app encourages users to be more authentic on social media by providing a platform to capture life’s unexpected, mundane, and exciting moments. Every day, the app prompts you to take a photo of yourself and your surroundings within two minutes.

Users are unprepared for the BeReal notification since it cannot be predicted when it will arrive. Likely, you won’t get a decent picture on your first try when you get the information, so you might have to retake it.

How To Retake A BeReal Post

You are in an absolute frenzy when you receive the ‘Time to BeReal’ notification. The best picture must be taken within two minutes.

For those times when your first attempt was not good enough, BeReal lets you retake the shot. You can retake as many times as long as the 2-minute timer hasn’t run out. Let’s take a look at how BeReal posts can be retaken.

You’ll see an X icon in the app’s preview’s top right corner. You’ll be taken back to the camera by tapping on it, where you can retake your BeReal.

This time, take two front-facing (selfie) shots on BeReal. To make your BeReal public and visible to all BeReal users, you can change the privacy settings before you post.

How To Delete And Retake A BeReal

You can delete your BeReal and capture a new one if you don’t like the photo you posted. Let’s start by looking at how you can delete a BeReal.

On iPhone, tap the 3-dot icon next to the timestamp of your BeReal, then tap Options, then Delete my BeReal. You can delete your BeReal by tapping the 3-dot icon next to its timestamp on Android.

Go to your My friends feed or Discovery and tap Post a Late BeReal once you have deleted your BeReal. You will be able to capture and share a picture using the camera interface.

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What Happens If I Delete My BeReal Post


When you delete your BeReal, a couple of things will happen. Follow these steps to delete a picture you have only taken on BeReal but have not yet posted.

1. In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the X if you need to delete your picture for whatever reason.

2. The BeReal photo can now be retaken as often as you like.

However, other users will be able to see how many times you retook your photo. When you retake your BeReal before posting it, this is what happens.
If you retake it instead of posting it on time, it will take you more time. BeReal will notify your followers when this happens. Follow these steps to delete a BeReal you have already posted.

1. Access BeReal on whatever device you have.
2. Click on the three dots below your BeReal where it says, “Add a caption….”
3. Click on Options in the bottom right corner.
4. Select Delete my BeReal.
5. Confirm that you want to delete it.

It is possible to upload another BeReal once you have deleted the one you have already posted. The one you already had will be known to your friends, however. As a result of deleting your old BeReal, they will be notified that you posted a late BeReal. When you publish another BeReal, BeReal does not let them know. They will only know this if they see your original post.

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