How To Change Time Zone On BeReal [Easy Guide]

How To Change Time Zone On BeReal [Easy Guide]
How To Change Time Zone On BeReal [Easy Guide]

In this article, we will guide you with “How To Change Time Zone On BeReal.” You can choose and change your time zone on BeReal App. Just Read the below Guide.

There’s no doubt that time zone is very important on the app, and it also plays an important role on BeReal. You can even change your BeReal time zone if you wish. Do you know how you can do that on BeReal? In this app, you get to share your real pictures without filters. It’s the trendiest photo-sharing app on the internet.

One of the best things about BeReal is that the time for posting posts is randomly selected each day, so nobody knows in advance what time it will be. The BeReal users are all in different countries around the globe and are at different times of the day, so the time is not the same for them all.

How To Change Time Zone On BeReal
Change Your Time Zone On BeReal

Please see this post on how to change your BeReal time zone to solve this issue. Well, BeReal has set BeReal time zones through which users can determine which part of the globe they stay in to ensure they receive the BeReal notification during the daytime. In BeReal, changing the time zone is a major feature.

Here is how to change time zone on BeReal app with just a few clicks here and there. Eager to learn more? Okay, we’re not wasting any more time, and we’ll start now.

How To Change Time Zone On BeReal?

It’s time to learn how to change your BeReal time zone. Here are a few steps you will need to follow to get BeReal notifications only during the daytime. Once you change your time zone on BeReal, you’ll receive notifications during the daytime only.

How To Change Time Zone On BeReal
Change Time Zone On BeReal

Step 1: Firstly, you must open the BeReal app.

Step 2: Now, Go to your BeReal profile.

Step 3: Next, By tapping on the upper right button, go to profile settings.

Step 4: Select the option time zone from the list of settings.

Step 5: Among the BeReal time zones, you can choose from West Asia, America, East Asia, and Europe. Choose the zone you want.

Step 6: Next, you must click the confirm button in the message box.

Note: It is important to remember that when you confirm to change time zones, you agree to two things:

  • You are allowed to change the BeReal time zone only once a day
  • After you change the BeReal time zone, your present-day BeReal will get deleted.

Now that you have considered these two factors, it is okay to change the time zone for BeReal.

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What Time Zone Is BeReal?

What Time Zone Is BeReal?

In contrast to other social media platforms, BeReal does not bind users to a specific time zone. As a result of its exceptional functionality, timing plays a significant role. The app will let users choose their time zones so their BeReals can be posted during the daytime instead of at night.

How Does BeReal Work In Different Time Zones?

You allow the BeReal app to know when it is okay to send you a notification to post BeReals when you set your time zone in the app. It will be possible to send notifications to users in every time zone at the same time in the day, so they don’t have to be sent at midnight.

It’s important to remember that BeReal notifies screenshots, so be careful when taking screenshots.

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FAQs Related to BeReal Time Zone

Most of the users have different questions, but some of them have queries. We have covered some most asked questions by people.

Is BeReal At The Same Time Every Day?

It is not the same time every day with BeReal. The time changes every single day. You will receive the BeReal notification randomly stating the time to BeReal. Your post will be marked as late if you are late, even for just one second. As soon as you receive this notification, you have two minutes to click and then post the BeReal photo.

How What Happens If You Miss BeReal?

If you miss posting on BeReal, you will be marked as late. You have 24 hours to click the BeReal photo. However, if you are late or don’t click the photo, you will be notified as late. Nevertheless, if you wish to click BeReal there, you must do so the next day as soon as you receive the new BeReal notification time.

Last Words

After reading this post, you know how to change Time zone on BeReal. When you change the time zone on the BeReal app, you will get the daily notification at the time when you want it to come. If you have any questions, you can reach us in the comment section below. 



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