How to cancel paypal payment on Spotify

How to cancel paypal payment on Spotify
How to cancel paypal payment on Spotify

Since a legendary musician took issue with a popular podcaster, Spotify has been inundated with cancellation requests. Joe Rogan’s podcast is exclusively on Spotify, so Neil Young accused him of spreading COVID misinformation there and asked for his music to be removed if he didn’t. Rogan was chosen, so most of Young’s music has been removed, which upsets a lot of listeners.

People who don’t like Young’s music and music from Joni Mitchell and Nils Lofgren have vowed to cancel their Spotify subscriptions. An overwhelming number of requests forced Spotify to shut down live customer support last week temporarily.

We’ve covered you if you want to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription. You can find Young’s music on Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Tidal if you want to switch services.

Spotify Premium costs $9.99 a month. Until users cancel a paid subscription, they’re billed every month.

There are a few steps to canceling Spotify Premium and many users wonder “how do I stop Spotify Premium? We’ve got the different ways to cancel it, along with some benefits.

Spotify Premium: What Does It Offer?

Let’s look at the benefits of Spotify premium before you cancel. Even though Spotify Free is still available, Spotify Premium allows you to make playlists and download and skip songs without limits.

I like picking any song I want to hear without ads interrupting. There is also a higher quality of music available with the premium option than with the free option. To cancel your Spotify subscription, you will need to follow the detailed instructions provided below if you want to switch to the free version.

Spotify Billing Options

To ensure that the cancellation of the service is handled properly, it is important to understand how you are being charged for the service. The premium service lets you set up payments in several ways. You can set up direct billing through PayPal or a debit/credit card.

Users of iOS and Apple products can set up payment options through iTunes. This scenario involves Apple taking the monthly payment. You’ll need to cancel your subscription through Apple if you want to stop being billed.

You’d need to contact the provider if you got the subscription through an offer. Check the Subscription page on your Spotify account if you don’t know who provided the service.

There should be a link to the organization that provides the subscription. You can cancel it directly with that organization.

How to cancel payment on spotify
How to cancel payment on spotify

How to cancel your paid Spotify subscription

Spotify doesn’t let you cancel your subscription through its iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows apps. You’ll need to use a web browser to access Spotify on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can do it this way:

1. Go to and log in to your account.

2. In Account Overview, scroll down to Your plan and hit Change plan.

3. Next, scroll down to Available plans and hit Cancel Premium.

4. Finally, hit Yes, cancel to finish the cancellation process.

Spotify won’t delete your account, and it’ll just cancel your paid subscription and take you down to free, where you can still stream music with ads. Additionally, you’ll keep all your playlists and saved music. Your premium account will remain active until your next billing date if it’s a few days or weeks away.

You might be unable to change your plan if you’re getting your subscription from another company, like a mobile or internet provider or Apple. If this is your situation, the third party will need to be contacted to cancel your paid subscription. You can find out which services you pay for through Apple by going to Settings, your name, and Subscriptions.

You can also cancel your Spotify subscription by filling out this form and sending it via email or physical mail.

Leaving a family plan is possible if you’re not the plan manager; however you can’t cancel the subscription. This can only be done by the owner of the plan.

What if You Still Get Billed

Even if you cancel your Spotify subscription, you can still enjoy its benefits until renewal. If you cancel your subscriptions, you won’t be billed again after that date. You should receive an email from Spotify shortly after clicking the confirmation button to cancel.

Using a web browser, you can check the last billing date Spotify sent to your account if you still get billed. The activity on a credit or debit card may take a few days to appear.

Ensure that the account that you used is the correct one. Spotify might have charged you additional fees if your subscription wasn’t properly canceled.

If the above information indicates that you have been billed in error, you can contact Spotify using the Contact Us page. If you have a problem, you can contact Spotify customer support via a contact form or community support.

Write to us
Write to us

The final step is to contact customer support if you do not have access to the email or account used for Spotify. If you don’t know which account your subscription is under or if you can’t access your Apple ID, Spotify tries to respond to every user inquiry within 24 hours.

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